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About Us

In September of 2020, ONUNITEPEOPLE was founded by three dissimilar people, that maintain different mindsets, who are able to share objective conversations without compromising on the care and love for one another. The sole purpose is to unite people through promoting love and good works, while never losing focus on our communities. O.U.P. invests in our communities through charitable donations that are up to the public to choose from. O.U.P. strives to have at least one local, regional, and national charity, as of now! Please reference the “Charitable Contributions Page” for more information.

O.U.P. guarantees the utmost attention to detail in every facet of the company, via products, charities, effort, love, and much more. 

 One=United=People; to realize this, we must put all differences aside. “We should talk about the solutions, not the problems”.

Let's start talking about being united, one united person at a time!

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